Four Popular Activities To Enjoy At A Welk Timeshare

Named for the beloved entertainer Lawrence Welk and still operated by his family, Welk Resorts are located in five locations in the U.S. and Mexico. Vacationers can own a Welk Timeshare in San Diego, Palm Springs, and Lake Tahoe, California; Branson, Missouri; and Baja, Mexico. All of the properties offer luxury accommodations and unique experiences that make the stay memorable. The following are samples of different activities that are available throughout the year in various locations.


At a Welk Resort, a vacation can be an opportunity to learn or make something new. Guests can experience virtual reality in a dedicated VR room or learn how to fly a drone. The younger crowd can learn techniques of espionage at spy camp, and those with artistic leanings can make an iMovie, take a photography class, or take a painting class. The studio-based activities are designed to provide fun and intellectually stimulating experiences.

Outdoor Adventures

Each resort offers unique outdoor adventures that introduce visitors to the surrounding environment. Visitors to Branson, Missouri, for example, can ride the Ozark Mountain Coaster, while visitors to the resort in Baja, Mexico can learn to blow glass in a local factory. The San Diego resort offers an evening bike tour of the grounds, and the Lake Tahoe location is at the foot of the famous Northstar ski resort.

Family Activities

Welk Resorts offer plenty of activities that offer fun for the whole family, and one of the most popular is Cupcake Wars. Families work together to decorate a huge cupcake, create a box and logo, and then film a one-minute commercial. In addition, families can enjoy catch-and-release fishing, board games, and a wide variety of outdoor games like volleyball, horse shoes, and movies.

Food Craft

Food and beverage classes are among the most popular offerings at Welk Resorts. Guests can learn how to cook new dishes, home-brew a beer, or mix a drink, and they can learn more about beer and wine at tasting events. Kids can get in on the action as well with Little Chefs cooking classes.

In addition to these activities, most resorts have a golf course on or near the property for residents to enjoy. Resorts also feature a variety of amenities like a fitness center, a rock-climbing wall, and an infinity pool.

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