Holiday in Capital of Indonesia: Things to do in Jakarta

Indonesia is a country located in equator line, which means this country have tropical climate and is suitable for enjoying holiday. No wonder many famous beaches in Indonesia have attracted both local and international tourist. Bali, Lombok, and Raja Ampat are the most famous place to have beautiful beaches and very suitable for summer holiday. Even so, if you have a chance to visit its capital city, namely Jakarta, you can also have many Things to do in Jakarta. This city is the most modernized city in Indonesia. Compared to other city in the country, Jakarta offers modern life and development, which made this city become the center of economic and business in Indonesia. If you have chance to visit this city, you can enjoy many extraordinary experience, which you can’t get from other places. In order to make it real, you should make list things to do in Jakarta, which will help you to arrange and satisfy your holiday well.

  1. Visiting tourism places

One of fun things is by visiting it tourism sites. Jakarta have so many tourism places. You can begin by visiting Monas monument and ride the elevator to the top of it. You will see amazing views of Jakarta city from the top, and enjoy the sunset in the afternoon. If you want to enjoy summer breeze in seaside, you can come to North of Jakarta, and have summer vacation there. In the seaside, you can enjoy picnic or swim in the swimming pool which is located in Ancol area. There are many young coconut sellers which will satisfy you thirsty feeling during enjoying summer breeze. Jakarta also has many amusement rides, which available in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Fantasy World, and Ancol beach. In the evening, you can some to old city of Jakarta, watching local attraction, feeling local food and enjoy the nice feeling in the afternoon.

  1. Enjoy local culinary

Besides visiting tourism sites, you can have chance to enjoy local culinary in Jakarta. There are many food streets spreading in all over Jakarta. There are many local food in those places and even western and Asian cuisine, if you want to try it. The price range from around 10,000 rupiah or around $1. You might also find food combination like burger with sushi, burger with noodle, and so on.

  1. Cheap shopping

Jakarta has a big market which is known as biggest marketplace in Southeast Asia. This place is named as Tanah Abang market. This place sold many exported and imported clothes in low prices. If you buy in large amount, you can also get some discounts. Coming to local market will make you experience new things and able to interact with local people, by bargaining and consulting on the items quality.

Those are option of fun things to do in Jakarta. Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia are known to have good and helpful people. You can meet a friend there who will guide you to enjoy amusement in Jakarta. Even so, there are some things you should also cautious to live in big developing city. Do not walk alone in the street after 12 am in the night, always careful of your belongings to avoid robbery, and also be prepare on traffic jam in that capital city.

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