Seven Best Photograph Spots in Yogyakarta

These days, Yogyakarta used to be least enthusiastic place to visit for travelers. But, for people who already know about the wonder of Yogyakarta, this city turns out to be the second visited destination in Indonesia (after Bali). There’s loads to peer in this terrific Javanese city and the encircling vicinity. With top notch temples, notable food, and delightful nation-state – there aren’t any scarcity of picture-ops and Instagram-able spots in Yogyakarta! Read along to know best photograph spots in Yogyakarta!

1.     Taman Sari

This is a historical palace that become the leisure lawn and prayer residence of the Sultan of Yogyakarta. You can get lost within its hidden chambers underground, and scout for the high-quality photo spots wherein the solar rays hit. Quality times to visit, simply when it opens or just earlier than it closes, as there could be much less crowds and less threat of photo-bombers hijacking your tomb raiding snap shots.

2.     Jurang Tembelan

This is one of the best photograph spots in Yogyakartawith the least predicted locations! So, do preserve a lookout for these lookouts, or honestly test with your neighborhood manual/driving force if he knows of any amazing photograph spots like this (and don’t be surprised if he’s a mystery Instagram high-quality celebrity)! This place is so amazing, truly!

3.     BirdChurch

Besides being one of the oddest homes in the global, this area of worship turned into as soon as a rehabilitation center for afflicted teenagers. The very best point of the bird church is also an exceptional lookout overseeing the Magelang location, and you may even spot Borobudur temple within the distance.

4.     Pinus Pengger

An area nevertheless rather unknown to overseas tourists, Pinus Pengger is a prized appeal amongst locals. Random picture spots clutter the pine tree forest, every conveying a deep message from the artists at the back of the sculptures. You will particularly love this vicinity at night time, while spotlights from the floor remove darkness from the sculptures, making our images lit indeed.

  1. Timang Seashore

Cable cart across the ocean and seize this thrilling second in opposition to the bluest waters! In the beginning utilized by neighborhood fishermen, this cable cart is now a tourist appeal at Timang beach! Just be cautious now not to drop your digicam into the ocean whilst you’re at the rocky cable cart. This cable cart hobby’s charge does no longer include insurance, so do be aware about dangers!

  1. Gumuk Pasir

Most towns have light pollution so bad the stars are rarely visible even at night. At Gumuk Pasir, however, it gets pitch darkish at night time as it’s miles a beach area withouthigh upward push buildings in its region. You will want a tripod for stability, and your cameras on low ISO and lengthy publicity settings to capture the hundreds, if not hundreds, of twinkling stars within the sky. In addition, before sunset, you can experience sandboarding sports on the beach.


In the end, which place that you will visit to get the best photograph spots in Yogyakarta?

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